Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Steps to Take After a Car AccidentIn the hours after a car accident, a person’s physical and mental health is of most importance. It isn’t uncommon for car accident victims to have injuries that require emergency medical care. It also isn’t rare for someone to experience a huge increase in stress after a vehicle collision. There is so much that must be dealt with, including reporting the accident to your insurance company, seeing a doctor, staying home from work to recover, attending follow-up medical appointments, and gathering evidence to use against the other driver.

While many people have heard about the various benefits of acupuncture, not everyone has actually made the choice to visit an acupuncturist for help. Once being cleared by a medical doctor to do so, seeking alternative care approaches can be a great component of your overall treatment plan. Here are examples of leading benefits of acupuncture after an injury incident, such as a car crash:

Relieves Neck, Back, and Joint Pain

After a car crash, as a car accident lawyer from Cohen & Cohen, P.C. has seen before, a person may have endured substantial force that wreaked havoc on their body. The areas that tend to be most impacted in a car accident are the neck, back, and joints. Acupuncture can be a useful drug-free option for reducing swelling and inflammation of these areas in the days and weeks after the collision.

Headache Relief

If a person’s neck was whipped back and forth due to the crash impact, they may have sustained severe whiplash. A symptom often associated with whiplash is headaches. Through acupuncture, the practitioner can strategically insert tiny needles into energy meridians around the neck area to promote flood flow, along with releasing properties that aid in healing and pain reduction.

Improved Immune System Functioning

Victims of car accidents that are healing from tissue wounds and other bodily damage will need to rely on their immune system. A healthy immune system can increase the body’s ability to heal itself through reducing the likelihood of infection. If an infection develops in a wound, the healing gets stagnant and puts the person at-risk for complications. Through receiving acupuncture, the immune system is boosted and is more apt to successfully fight off harmful pathogens.

Mental Clarity and Stress Reduction

Being involved in a car accident can cause mental fatigue and stress. As a lawyer from Cohen & Cohen, P.C. has helped victims with, dealing with insurance companies, hospital bills, costs for repairing your vehicle, and speaking with insurance adjusters can lead to substantial mental distress. Acupuncture can help people achieve mental clarity, increase their energy level, and improve the quality of sleep during such a stressful time.

Alternative to Prescription Medication

Car accident injuries are painful, and nobody likes to feel discomfort. A natural inclination would be to take prescription and/or over-the-counter medication as a way to feel less pain. However, this won’t help the healing process if the medication is only masking the pain temporarily. The true root of the injury must be addressed. Acupuncture can be highly effective in reducing a person’s need for medication.

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