CIGNA Headache Doctor Near Me

Do You Need CIGNA Headache Doctor “Near Me”?

If you are experiencing headaches and have CIGNA insurance, you need a CIGNA headache doctor near me. Headaches can vary in severity; in any case, they interfere with our ability to live life. Migraines, cluster headaches, stress headaches, and tension headaches can affect every aspect of our day. Headaches can seem inescapable and while medications can provide short-term relief, you need a long-term solution. Headaches and migraines frequently result from misalignments of the bones (vertebrae) in the neck. Chiropractors have been successfully treating headaches since the late 1800s, without harmful drugs.

Headache and Migraine Treatment in Denver

Spinal misalignments (called subluxations) in the cervical spine can cause everything from neck pain and stiffness to mild tension headaches or even crippling migraines. People suffering from migraines can experience sensitivity to light and noise, nausea, vomiting, and nausea. Subluxations in the neck can cause pressure on the spinal nerves that branch off the spinal cord, inflammation of the joints that connect the neck bones together, as well as spasm of the muscles in and around the cervical spine. The causes of these misalignments can include trauma from car accidents, sports injuries, and daily stress (work, school, and life in general) are just a few causes.

Even small amounts of pressure on the spinal nerves in the neck can cause headaches or migraine. Nerve pressure also causes muscle tightness and spasm that also causes or at least worsens headaches. Headaches and migraines are often a sign that there are problems in the spinal column that need to be addressed. The cervical spine is especially sensitive because of its proximity to the head and brain stem. Signals from the brain travel down the spinal cord branching off into spinal nerves which then split into ever smaller nerves innervating ever organ, gland, and cell in the entire body.

Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines and Headaches

Chiropractic treatment has successfully relieved headaches and migraines for millions of people around the world. CIGNA chiropractors in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge are especially well-equipped to find issues in the spine that cause so many problems. Headache treatment in our Denver office begins with one of our doctors taking an in-depth history of your headaches. This includes learning important information like when your headaches began, what makes them better or worse, treatments that you have tried, and whether those treatments worked.

Next, a thorough exam is performed and if necessary, x-rays are taken. All this information is used to determine the specific treatment that you will need to alleviate your particular problem. Only then will we begin treating your headaches, catering the treatment for you.

CIGNA Headache Doctor Near Me

If you or a loved one is experiencing migraines or headaches, please call and schedule an appointment with one of the doctors at Integrative Health and Rehabilitation. Not sure if we can help? Schedule a FREE consultation to have all your questions answered.

At Integrative Health and Rehabilitation, we offer chiropractic, acupuncture, and laser therapy to treat your tension, migraine, chronic, and cluster headaches. Headaches affect all of us, with some unfortunate few suffering more often than others. While rarely life-threatening, people who experience chronic headaches know just how difficult life can be because of headaches. Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches and 1 out of 5 people suffering from headaches have chronic, or recurrent headaches.

CIGNA Headache Doctor Can Provide Relief For Your Headaches

Many of the causes of headaches are simply daily stresses of life. Known as “tension headaches”, these result from muscle tightness in the neck, shoulders, and back. Many of these muscles attach to the base of the skull, creating headaches that can be utterly unbearable. Chiropractic adjustments from CIGNA chiropractors can relieve this chronic muscle tightness, reducing and often completely removing the headache. At Integrative Health and Rehabilitation, you may also receive acupuncture, electric muscle stimulation, or low-level laser therapy to help reduce the muscle tension causing your headaches.

Headache sufferers will often notice their pain decreases after just a few treatments, as the tight or spasmed muscles begin to relax. This removes pressure from the base of the skull as well as removing pressure from the nerves in the neck. Chiropractic adjustments, stretching, nutrition, and exercises that help restore motion to the cervical spine, can combine to provide optimal results. Chiropractic doesn’t use drugs or surgery to treat your headaches. These treatments simply mask your headaches instead of addressing their true cause. By addressing the cause of your headaches, the frequency and duration of your headaches can be greatly reduced, if not totally resolved.

Chiropractic adjustments are very effective for people who suffer from headaches. Patients experiencing headaches can almost always benefit from chiropractic treatments involving hands-on techniques and spinal adjustments. Our chiropractic office offers headache treatment to patients in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Contact CIGNA headache doctor Dr. Jim Doran, DC, clinic director of Integrative Health and Rehabilitation to learn more about headache treatment.

Drug-Free Migraine Relief in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge

Many people can experience the occasional tension headache that resolves with quiet and rest. Unfortunately, for some, migraines can result in a complete inability to do almost anything for hours or even days. Pharmaceutical treatment can help some people get mild, temporary relief from their migraine symptoms. However, drugs won’t resolve the underlying cause of the migraine and will often come with unwanted side effects. Denver chiropractor Dr. James Doran has provided headache relief for patients in Arvada, Denver, and Wheat Ridge for over 20 years. Schedule an appointment today to find the cause of your headaches and receive drug-free treatment addressing the cause of your head pain.

Understanding Migraines with Your Denver Chiropractor

Chiropractic can reduce the severity and frequency of tension headaches and migraines without using drugs. Instead, address the real, underlying cause of your head pain. After performing a physical exam to determine if there is a structural cause of your headaches, chiropractic adjustments can often provide fast, long-term relief.

Chiropractic Care for Lasting Migraine Pain Relief

Chiropractic care provides fast, natural relief for head and neck pain patients. Because migraines are frequently caused by pressure on spinal nerves innervating the neck and head, careful, specific chiropractic adjustments can address the cause of your headaches. Dr. Doran can also help you determine if there are other stress or dietary causes of your headaches. In addition to headache relief, most chiropractic patients also experience improvements in sleep, athletic performance, and general boosts in overall health and wellness.

Find a CIGNA Headache Doctor Near Me for Headache and Migraine Relief

Don’t let headaches or migraines stop you from living the life you want to live! Schedule an appointment with Denver chiropractor Dr. James Doran at Integrative Health and Rehabilitation for drug-free headache and migraine relief treatment today: (303) 424-7171.


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